We would like to present our new car wash offer – this is a kind of an automatic car wash. The main parts of it are the gate, the chemical gates that also rinse, and a tunnel with brushing and drying systems. Your car gets through all of these parts. The way your car moves is totally automatic and provided by the photocell. Our new car wash can handle a huge number of cars per one hour; what is more, it is so popular because of its easy and fast system.

You can find a pressure wash in our new offer as well. Your car is washed in a tunnel with a very high pressure, what makes the dirt disappears from the surface of your car very easily. The foam, made in the middle of the pressure car wash, makes the car brand new. Car washes, containing pressure washes, are far better than the traditional ones because of the fact, that your car is not touched, what may cause some damage.